GE Intelligent Platforms
PO Box 8482
Gold Coast MC
Bundall Qld 9726
Phone: 07 5538 4442 Fax: 07 5538 4443
Contact: Mark Pezaro Business Development Manager
GE Intelligent Platforms, Military and Aerospace Embedded Systems, offers an
extensive range of products for use in embedded systems. Our capabilities
include single and multiprocessor SBCs, high performance CUDA-capable
graphics engines, DSP and data processing hardware and software, rugged
switches, analog and digital I/O, video tracking and situational awareness
All conform to the latest standards and form factors including VPX, VXS, VME,
CPCI, uTCA and AMC. Products are designed for use in commercial and rugged
environments, with air and conduction cooled formats for high shock and
vibration. All products come with extensive lifecycle and technical support

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