Rockwell Collins Australia

Rockwell Collins Australia—which consists of operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Auckland, New Zealand—manufactures and supports a wide range of avionics, navigation and communications solutions for defence and commercial applications. With a facility in Sydney situated in a technology hub for defence contractors, Rockwell Collins Australia is a well established participant in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.

Our strategic locations across Australia allow us to provide sales and marketing support for a large range of Rockwell Collins products, including advanced cockpit systems, high-performance communications products and electronic warfare equipment.

Net-centric warfare is a key theme for our business. We are doing increasingly more work in this area to help connect warfighters to digital networks, increasing their situational awareness and ability to successfully complete missions. We are currently enhancing our net-centric warfare solutions in Australia and taking them to market throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Advantages in Australia

An example of our use of facilities in Australia to serve the Asia-Pacific market is our delivery of high frequency communication systems to air traffic agencies in China. We perform the development and customization work for these high frequency systems with our staff in Australia. Similarly, we provide systems to civilian police forces in another Asia-Pacific country, but all the development work occurs in Australia.

Our location in Australia gives us the advantage of doing work here while effectively supporting the entire Asia-Pacific region. Defence forces appreciate the country’s neutrality and respectable political position, as defence organizations tend to be cautious about where their support work is done.

The Rockwell Collins service center in Melbourne provides world-class support that covers a wide range of equipment and systems used by Australian defence forces and others in the region. The center also provides significant support to commercial airlines—such as Qantas and Air New Zealand—and other carriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Because the service center supports both commercial and military customers, it offers a significant number of advantages, including greater surge capacity for defence customers and lower costs due to the ability to share test equipment.

Rockwell Collins’ new products include:


The Rockwell Collins FireStorm™ system provides combat-proven situational awareness through integrated precision targeting, enabling ground personnel to seamlessly integrate with airborne assets. Dedicated to supporting the dynamic and changing warfighter environment, the FireStorm system offers flexible solutions for ground targeting, air support and call-for-fire missions.


This latest generation handheld navigation device builds on the experience of Rockwell Collins’ highly successful Defence Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR). MicroDAGR brings together the best commercial technologies with the security needed to meet military requirements and the durability needed to survive the most rugged battlefield conditions. Developed specifically to meet the needs of dismounted soldiers, the MicroDAGR provides real-time position, navigation, moving maps and timing information on a full-color touch screen display and is small enough to be worn on the wrist, attached to a lanyard or placed in a pocket.

Suitcase® CCT120 mobile satellite communication

Rockwell Collins, with its recent acquisition of DataPath, offers satellite communication technology with the portability and flexibility needed by military personnel, emergency first responders and news gathering organizations around the world. The CCT120 Suitcase® satellite communication terminal, which supports Ku and X band communications, features a 1.2-meter antenna and CommuniCase Technology (CCT) based on a common modular architecture that enables users to easily switch out and plug in standard modems, amplifiers and other transmission and auxiliary components. With the CCT modules available today, more than 450 different configurations are possible. This enables a cost-effective means of providing a very high degree of operational flexibility and creates efficiencies in managing spare parts. The CCT120 is the quickest-to-air terminal in the world.

For further information contact:
Nicholas Gibbs
Managing Director, Rockwell Collins Australia
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