Eurotorp G.E.I.E. (ET) is an industrial cooperative venture between Italy and France to coordinate all the Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) interests of its members. These are:
Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacqei S. p. A. (WASS), DCNS and Thales. In Australia, ET and Thales Australia have joined with the Commonwealth of Australia (COA, with DMO as its delegate) to supply the MU90/IMPACT LWT to the ADF under Project JP 2070, Lightweight Torpedo Replacement (Project Djimindi Alliance).

Australian Industry Capability Program (AICP) for MU90 MU90 is the most modern high performance LWT in service with western Navies today.

Unusually for a weapon, ET and Thales offered significant Australian Industry Content with the MU90. The AICP for MU90 under Project Djimindi provides the ADF with local assembly, testing, upgrade and through life support capabilities for arguably the best LWT in the world. The level of AIC was a significant factor in allowing the Commonwealth to proceed with the acquisition and provides Australian industry with component manufacture access to the global supply chain of ET.

The AICP for MU90 throughout its service life will exceed 60% of the contract price.

• Local content (LC) for MU90's whole scope of work, through-life including in-service
support and ILS, will exceed 50% of contract value;

LC is value-added local work for manufacture of components for, and assembly
of, sections of MU90 the torpedoes. It includes work performed by Australian
companies in NSW, Victoria and WA on:

■ Forward Section;
■ Warhead Section;
■ Guidance and Control Section;
■ Afterbody Section;
■ Battery Section; and
■ The Torpedo Maintenance and Integration Facility (TMIF).

• Strategic Industry Development Activities (SIDA) which include technology transfer,
training and skills transfer, provision of infrastructure for TMIF and subcontractors, and
research and development;
• Defence Industry Investment Recognition (DIIREC) to meet ET's global
supply chain requirements for their global MU90 orders. A DIIREC Deed between COA and the then Thales Underwater Systems, for supply to ET's global supply chain of Australian manufactured forward section acoustic head antenna parts and printed circuit boards for several processors.

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