Australian Defence Apparel Partners with Promapp to Drive Process Transformation

Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Australia’s leading supplier of innovative design, manufacture, complex apparel and inventory management services

18th Jan 2017

Australian Defence Apparel Partners with Promapp to Drive Process Transformation
Melbourne, 17 January 2017 – Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Australia’s leading supplier of innovative design, manufacture, complex apparel and inventory management services into government and large corporate organisations, has commenced implementation of Promapp’s cloud-based business process management software to drive process efficiency throughout the organisation.

In recent years, ADA has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion into new markets and defied manufacturing sector trends, reporting a 12.5 per cent increase in staff over the past 12 months. The company’s Bendigo factory now manufactures more than 500,000 garments every year, and has supplied several million garments to clients around the world over the last 10 years.
Previously identified in the marketplace only as a trusted defence manufacturer rather than as an apparel manufacturer working across many industry sectors, ADA has witnessed strong growth in its design workforce and has expanded into new markets beyond defence to emergency and health services.
ADA was increasingly working with multiple applications to map everyday business processes which were unwieldy to manage, store and update.
These applications included a variety of Visio, Word, Excel and PDF files which not only required specific skill sets to operate but lacked the capacity to drive cross business collaboration.  They required separate licenses to operate and naming conventions and version control were unstructured which also dented productivity.
“The ADA business has recently gone through an ownership model change as well as a marketing and rebranding exercise.  In conjunction with these changes and due to ongoing growth, we wanted to extend our processes by making them easy to share and update and adhere to standards so that everyone could engage in the business and collaborate effectively,” says Aaron Cousins, IT Manager at ADA.
Following a market review in conjunction with one of its IT partners, Carrot Solutions, ADA selected Promapp cloud-based business process management software based on several key factors including its rich functionality, strong governance and collaborative functionality.
“The fact that Promapp is SaaS-based also provides us with an opportunity to reduce the burden on our own IT infrastructure while its workflow and collaboration features will support all company processes from supply chain, warehousing and distribution to manufacturing and finance,” says Cousins.  “Although we’re already very mature, in that we have well documented processes, Promapp will add value in supporting the management of the content in those processes.  Staff will now be able to suggest process updates and quickly implement improvements, boosting overall efficiency and productivity.”
Promapp helps organisations build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository.  It drives process improvement by simplifying process mapping, so that teams can own and improve their own processes.  It will specifically enable ADA to map, review and improve processes on an ongoing basis, providing a faster, smarter way to deliver a range of appropriate and well-planned services to clients wherever they may be located.
Promapp will be deployed within the organisation’s design, contract management, customer service, operations, finance and IT teams as well as a team working on its in-house rapid prototyping capability and manufacturing capacity.

Promapp will also support processes managing research and development, design, innovation, sampling, sourcing, manufacture, ordering, inventory management, warehousing, dispatch and reporting.

“ADA embeds the conditions for innovation through our culture. Every staff member has a responsibility and is empowered to contribute to the ideas, research, and exploration that are a part of the everyday business environment.  Promapp will play a critical role in supporting our emphasis on ideas and innovation,” says Cousins.

ADA was established in 1912 as the Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory, responsible for the manufacture and supply of uniforms to Australia’s fighting forces through two world wars and many other conflicts.  It played an instrumental role in creating what has become the iconic visual image of the Australian ‘digger’.

Wes Cassidy, Director, Carrot Solutions, added, “We love to help companies improve their business processes by providing advice and software solutions that increase staff productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide potential for growth.  Promapp was an ideal solution for ADA.”
About Promapp
Established in 2002, Promapp Solutions works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.
Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share, and change business processes, including quality assurance, risk management, human resources, and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists.
Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: Coca-Cola Amatil, WesTrac, Roy Hill, Air New Zealand, Lumo Energy, Toyota Financial Services, Ricoh Australia, McDonald's, Audi Australia, Fuji Xerox, City of Karratha and Department of Justice, Victoria.  The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

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