Rafael’s SPIKE LR2 chosen as the Anti-Tank Guided Weapon

Rafael’s SPIKE LR2 chosen as the Anti-Tank Guided Weapon for the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

23rd Aug 2018

Varley Rafael Australia: Powered by Rafael, delivered by VRA

Rafael’s SPIKE LR2 chosen as the Anti-Tank Guided Weapon for the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

 The Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Defence Industry, today
announced the selection of Rafael Advanced Defence System’s SPIKE LR2 as the Anti-Tank Guided
Weapon (ATGW) for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV).
The SPIKE LR2 will be delivered by Varley Rafael Australia (VRA Systems), the joint venture between Rafael
and the Varley Group.

The announcement was made by Minister Pyne at the official launch of VRA Systems in a ceremony at
Parliament House in Canberra. Following Minister Pyne’s comments, Mr Jeff Phillips, Managing Director
of the Varley Group, and Major General (Ret’d) Yoav Har-Even, President and Chief Executive Officer
(CEO) of Rafael, formally signed the VRA joint venture agreement. They were joined by His Excellency
Mark Sofer, Israeli Ambassador to Australia, and guests from the Australian Government, ADF and
defence industry.

Mr Phillips said: “The 5th Generation SPIKE LR2 is the first of what we hope will be many opportunities for
VRA to deliver Australian sovereign capabilities, drive innovation and jobs, and create export
opportunities.” He noted the significance of the decision for Australian defence industry, “This
undertaking will be an Australian first. VRA Systems combines a world leader of defence technology in
Rafael, with Australia’s oldest and most respected defence enterprise in Varley. We will now deliver the
world’s premier Anti-Tank Guided Weapon for use by the Australian Defence Force.”

General Har-Even noted the decision builds on Rafael’s 20-plus years in the Australian market, and
follows a long line of similar partnerships around the world. “Rafael’s strategy is to join with local partners
that allow us to establish capability in the local market. We are extremely proud to have established the
relationship with Varley, and we look forward to working with them to deliver the SPIKE LR2 system to
the Australian Defence Force”.

In addition to the SPIKE LR2, VRA will deliver a range of Rafael products for the Australian market
including the TROPHY Active Protection System (APS) for armoured vehicles; the TAMIR Counter-Rocket,
Artillery & Missile (CRAM) interceptor for short-range Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD); and the
TORBUSTER Torpedo Counter-Measure (TCM) for submarines.

VRA’s inaugural CEO, Mr Jacob Blitman, said: “VRA aims to maximise the proportion of SPIKE LR2
componentry produced in Australia and deliver through-life in service support, making use of our reachback
to Rafael’s research and development network in Israel. We will employ up to 70 Australians in our
local facilities with potentially hundreds more across our Australian supply chain. Australian suppliers now
have the opportunity to enter Rafael’s global supply chain for the SPIKE family and a range of Rafael
products and systems, servicing more than 30 customer nations.”


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