JP 2089 Phase 2A

Prime Contractors: The Anzac Ship Integrated Material Support Program Alliance contractors Saab and BAE Systems (for the Anzac Class Frigate multi-link upgrade). FMS and direct commercial procurements of military off–the-shelf and commercial off-the-shelf equipment, additional support to existing support infrastructure and additional training using existing contracts (for the initial common support infrastructure).

2010/2011 spend: $35 million

This phase of the project will substantially increase the interoperability of the Anzac Class Frigate with other ADF and coalition platforms through the installation of advanced tactical data links in Link 16 and Variable Message Format, to augment existing Link 2011 data link capabilities. This phase will also develop an initial common support infrastructure on which the complete support system for future tactical information exchange systems will be built.
Deliverables for 2010-2011 include overall critical design review for the Anzac Class Frigate multi-link upgrade, the Australia network management system, data terminal set Link 2011 communications equipment, and multifunctional information distribution system terminals Link 16 communications equipment.

The major risks for this project are the integration of the new data link processor with the Anzac Frigate Combat Management System. This has been largely mitigated, as part of the risk reduction exercise that occurred pre-contract under the best and final offer process, and is now considered low. Other risks include delays in acquisition of initial common support infrastructure equipment due to dependence on FMS and reliance on external agencies to provide subject matter expertise (considered a high risk).


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