Airborne Surveillance for Land Operations — JP 129 Phase 2

Prime Contractor: Awarded to AAI in July for the Shadow 200 via FMS

2010/2011 spend: $77 million

This phase of the project seeks to provide two Tactical Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) systems; each comprising five air vehicles, two ground control stations, a tactical launch and recovery element, and associated tactical support systems.
Defence has finalised its capability requirements for this phase of the project, which places emphasis on operationally proven off-the-shelf systems which can be delivered in minimum time to support current and future operational needs. An analysis of candidate TUAV systems against capability, schedule, risk profile and cost has been completed, and an acquisition business case is being prepared for Government consideration.
Planned project expenditure during 2010-2011 will be for acquisition of primary TUAV system hardware, required for fielding of two systems in 2011-12.
The key risk for this phase of the project relates to the ability to field two systems in 2011-12. Although delivery of the off-the-shelf TUAV systems are low risk, training of Army personnel must be achieved in a short timeframe following project approval.


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