JP 2070 Phase 3

Prime Contractor: Eurotorp, Thales.

2010/2011 spend: $40 million

This phase of the project involves the acquisition of MU90 torpedoes and the assembly of locally and internationally produced torpedo components into MU90 torpedoes using facilities at Fleet Base West, Western Australia. The project will establish an Australian manufacturing and support capability for the Eurotorp MU90 lightweight torpedo, and deliver sufficient quantities to meet war reserve requirements.
Significant activity during 2010-2011 will include batch deliveries of MU90 MK I Torpedoes, and the commissioning and set to work of commercial processes related to the Australian production of torpedo components and associated equipment in support of the MU90 MK II Torpedo.
The major risk to this project is potential difficulty in transferring overseas supplier skills and technical knowledge for a complex weapon system into Australian defence industry. This is planned for completion by August 2011, and is necessary to provide in-country through-life support for the weapon system. This risk is being mitigated through close management of the transition plan and management of deliverables under the contract. Delivery of the new Mk II capability relies on access to the assets of the European partner navies for firing of the torpedo during the test program. There is a risk that this new capability will be delayed by factors outside the control of the contractor, such as weather or national tasking in Europe. This risk is being mitigated through close liaison with the contractors and with the MU90 international user group community.


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