JP 2070 Phase 2

Prime Contractor: Eurotorp, Thales.

2010/2011 spend: $46 million

This phase of the project originally covered integration of the MU90 torpedo in several ADF ship and aircraft types, provision of support facilities and acquisition of an initial outfit of European-manufactured weapons.
Significant activity planned for 2010-2011 includes the conduct of further firings to complete the acceptance test and evaluation programme in order to proceed to initial operational release and operational test and evaluation. The project is planning to lease a suitable mobile target in early 2011 to support the firing programme. Plans to procure a suitable mobile target are also being progressed in parallel, to allow future tactical development of the weapon in service.
A significant body of certification work will also be completed to meet Navy regulatory requirements for initial operational release. Transition of support and operational capability is planned to commence in early 2011. The project plans to complete the full MU90 integration and modification work on Adelaide Class Frigates during the year, with full MU90 integration on the Anzac Class completed. Modification to Anzac Ship magazines will be deferred pending the outcome of the AIR 9000 Phase 8 competitive selection, which will impact on the nature of the air launched torpedo for that aircraft.
The major risk to the project for 2010-2011 is that test assets will not be available to meet the schedule for the acceptance test and evaluation and operational test and evaluation programmes. This risk is being mitigated by continued close liaison between the project and Navy to ensure availability.


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