JP 2008 Phase 5A

Prime Contractor: Intelsat LLC.

2010/2011 spend: $145 million

This phase of the project seeks to deliver an enhanced Ultra High Frequency (UHF) satellite communications capability over the Indian Ocean region. Intelsat LLC has been contracted to include a hosted UHF payload, owned by Defence, on the IS-22 commercial satellite that Intelsat plans to launch to provide commercial pay-TV and data services. IS-22 is scheduled to commence in-orbit operations in mid-2012.
The project will also upgrade the Australian network control system to handle the additional capacity provided by the payload. Intelsat will support the capability for 15 years following in-orbit acceptance by Defence.
The satellite is planned to be operational in mid-2012 and will work with existing ADF UHF terminals. The contract has been signed with Intelsat and includes the delivery of the payload and 15 years of support. An upgrade is planned to ground infrastructure to support the increased capacity provided by the payload beyond that currently available to the ADF.
The key activity during 2010-2011 will be the completion of the design of the satellite and hosted payload culminating in the critical design review. The contractor will then commence production and integration of the satellite.
The highest risk for this project remains a satellite launch failure. Due to the good track record of the launch vehicles being used, the likelihood remains low.
The design heritage of the payload, which traces back to several highly successful UHF payloads, ensures that the technical risk remains low.


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