SEA 1390 Phase 4B

Prime Contractor: US Department of Defense under an FMS arrangement and various commercial contracts - Lockheed Martin-US, AAI Corporation, BAE Systems-US and Thales Australia.

2010/2011 spend: $49 million

This phase of the project is to upgrade four Adelaide Class Frigates with the SM-2 surface-to-air mid course guidance mode missile capability, to acquire the weapons, and to provide missile technician training.
The planned 2010-2011 outcome is the completion of the modification of missile-related systems and software in the ships and the shore-based facility.
The highest risks (assessed as medium) are to schedule caused by the availability of ships for installation and test, and the risk inherent with interfacing this new technology into the existing ships. Schedule risk is mitigated by collaborative monitoring of the ships’ schedules for maintenance availabilities with Navy. The new technology integration risk is mitigated by a regime of comprehensive tests and evaluation prior to acceptance.


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