Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle — LAND 20116 Phase 3

Prime Contractor: Thales Australia.

2010/2011 spend: $144 million

This phase of the project is acquiring 737 vehicles in seven variants (troop, command, mortar, assault pioneer, direct fire weapon, ambulance and air defence). The vehicles will provide protected land mobility to Army combat units and Air Force Airfield Defence Guards. All 300 troop, command, assault pioneer, mortar, direct fire weapon and ambulance variants under the original acquisition contract have been delivered.
Delivery of 144 ELF vehicles was completed in April 2009. Delivery of 293 Bushmaster vehicles for Project LAND 121 Phase 3 will be completed by June 2012. The project is currently determining the most appropriate way ahead to meet an outstanding requirement for the provision of up to 184 protected mobility vehicle compatible trailers to meet an element of Project LAND 121 Phase 3.
A range of operational enhancements endorsed by the Government since 2007 have been undertaken as sustainment activities outside of Project LAND 20116. Additionally, the Chief of Army has endorsed enhancements to both to the baseline and Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) vehicle specification configurations. Baseline enhancements comprise an on board communications system, additional seating and an enhanced protective capacity.

Key risks to the project are:
The baseline configuration of the protected mobility vehicle may be affected by the backlog of engineering change proposals due to the extended production schedule. The project office is managing this through liaison and customer feedback with Thales.
The delivery schedule of the trailer may be affected by the requirement to make design changes to the vehicle to allow interoperability with the trailer.
The operational tempo may affect the availability of vehicles and delay the fitment of baseline and MEAO configuration enhancements.


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