Battle Management System (BMS) — LAND 75 Phase 3.4

Prime Contractor: Elbit Systems Limited.

2010/2011 spend: $124 million

This phase of the project will deliver a vehicle mounted BMS into a Brigade Group in support of Network Centric Warfare Roadmap milestones. This capability is to be delivered in cooperation with JP 2072 Phase 1 that is delivering the combat radio system, and LAND 125 Phase 3A that is delivering a dismounted BMS.
A Contract with Elbit Systems Limited was signed on 15 March 2010. IOC based on a combat team in 7 Brigade in Brisbane is due in July 2011. FOC in 7 Brigade is due in April 2013.
The major risk is the development of approved vehicle installation designs for the large number of platforms that the system is to be fitted to, and the associated complex design approval process. This risk is being managed through the use of the strategic materiel contracting template that will generate all of the necessary information needed for design approval.


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