AIR 87 Phase 2

Prime Contractor: Australian Aerospace.

2010/2011 spend: $151 million

This phase of the project will acquire an Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) System for the Army. The system will consist of 22 helicopters, an ARH software support capability, an electronic warfare mission support system, ground mission equipment, facilities, a training system and training devices including full flight and mission simulators.
The re-baselined schedule to deliver the first operational capability to Army was achieved in September 2009, 27 months later than originally contracted. All 22 ARHs are expected to be delivered by early 2011, with acceptance of final supplies by December 2011.
The key risks to the program are linked to maturing the logistic support system, specifically spares availability. This is being closely managed and improvement in the rate of effort achievement is expected to continue as Australian Aerospace’s maintenance and supply support networks become more effective.


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