Anzac Anti-Ship Missile Defence — SEA 1448 Phase 2B

Prime Contractor: CEA Technologies Pty Ltd and the Anzac Ship Integrated Material Support Program Alliance (comprising the DMO, Saab Technologies Australia and BAE Systems).

2010/2011 spend: $76 million

This phase of the project is tasked to deliver a phased array radar system to the Anzac Class Frigate for target indication/tracking and mid-course guidance and target illumination for the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile in conjunction with other sensor and combat management system upgrades delivered under Phase 2A.
Installation of the phased array radar in the lead ship will continue in 2010 with at-sea testing planned for early 2011. Operational capability is to be proven before commitment to installation in the remaining ships of the class. This is planned to occur in June 2011.
The highest risk relates to the development of this leading-edge radar technology. Achievement of phased array radar performance and understanding of inter-system interference effects in the complex electromagnetic environment of the ship will be measured in the at-sea testing in early 2011. The risk will be mitigated by a comprehensive regime of tests and evaluation.


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