Total active troops:1,000,000 (conscript-based)
Ground Troops: 312,000-320,000
Air Forces: 184,600
Navy: 140,000
Para-Military: 649,000 (MVD) includes 186, 000 Interior Troops;
66,000 Federal Security Service (FSB); 165,000 Federal Border Guard (FPS);
Federal Government Communications and Information Agency (MChS), 38,500;
Railway Troops (ZhV) 48,000, plus FSO and GPS.


Minister of Defence: Anatoly Serdyukov

The Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation administers the Armed Forces. The armed forces comprises the following branches, Ground Forces, Navy, and Air Force. There are three independent arms of service, Strategic Missile Troops, Military Space Forces and Airborne Troops.
A a joint command structure is planned for introduction incorporating elements from all branches of the armed forces and functioning at a level between the General Staff and the MDs. Three geographically aligned commands will be established, these consisting of West, South and East Commands. These organisations will assume responsibility for military activity in those areas.
West command will be responsible for Europe and Scandinavia; South Command will be responsible for the Caucasus and Central Asia; and East Command will protect the East . Creation of East Command was under way in March 2006 while West and South Command will follow. Previous restructuring plans have not been executed, therefore the completion of this restructuring may be doubtful.


The Strategic Rocket Forces includes 367 ICBMs able to deliver 1284 nuclear warheads.
59 R-36 (SS-18)
70 UR-100N (SS-19)
171 RT-2PM "Topol" (SS-25)
RT-2UTTH "Topol M" (SS-27)



6 “Zones” (replacing Military Districts (MD) structure) comprise: Northwestern [Leningrad/Northern]; Western [Moscow]; Southwestern [North Caucasus]; Central Asia [Volga+Urals]; Siberian [Siberian+ Transbaikal]; and Far Eastern. “Operational Strategic” commands were established in former-President Yeltsin August 1998 reforms: Northwestern; Western; Southwestern; Southern; and Far Eastern (FEMD). Specialized units were also formed around the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Moldova (GRF Dnestr Region), directly subordinated to Ministry of Defence; second Group, GRF Transcaucasus (Armenia and Georgia), remained subordinated to the area ground commander; and, Northwest Group of Forces is headquarter at Kaliningrad, under 11th Independent Army.

Current divisional forces include:

3 Tank, 19 Motorized, 5 Infantry, 6 Airborne, 5-6 Static Artillery and 1 Field Artillery.
Tank inventory numbers 21,820 active, with as many as 25-30,000 in storage.

Airborne Troops include 4 divisions, 1 Brigade, 1 Reconnaisance regiment, 1 Artillery Regiment.


MBT: (total: 21,000+)

260 T-90, 4,500 T-80/U/UD/UM-series, 9,700 T-72L/T-72M-series, 4,300 T-64A/B, 2,020 T-62 (most training), 1,200 T-55/T-54 (most modernized; training)
Light Tanks-Recon: 700 BRM-1 and -1K (command vehicle), 150 PT-76, 2,000 BRDM-1
AIFV & APC: (total: 25,975)
12,700 BMP-1/-2/-3, 50-100 BMP-4, 4,800 MT-LB, 6,000 BTR-80/-70/60P-series
Rocket/MRL: (total: 2,066) On Order: 28 9A52-2 Smerch (Dec 2005, US$500M) 106 300mm 9A52-2 Smerch (BM-30), 675 220mm 9P140 (BM-22), 25 122mm 2P138, 1,750 122mm BM-21, 50 140mm BM-14/-16
Self-Propelled Artillery: (total: 4,075) 430 240mm(M1975) 2S4, 130 203mm 2S7 Pion, 170+ 2S19 MSTA-S 152mm, 900 152mm 2S5 Giatsint-S, 2000 152mm 2S3 Acatsia, 1,725 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika, 40 120mm 2S23, 790 120mm 2S9 Nona-S

Towed Artillery: (total: 10,065)

750 152mm 2A65 MSTA-B, 1,300 152mm 2A36 Giatsint-B, 1,600 152mm D-20, 700 D-1(M1943), 40 203mm B-4M, 50 130mm M-46, 1,200 122mm (M1938)
Anti-Tank Artillery: 3,050 100mm T-12A/M-55 (A/T), 24 2S25 125mm SP.
Air Defence Missiles (SAM): (total: 2,670) 256 2K22M/M1 (SA-19), 20+ S-400, 200 SA-12A (9M83) Gladiator + SA-12B (9M82) Giant (S-300V), 350 SA-11 Gadfly (BUK-1M/9K37M1), 300 SA-4a/b Ganef, 120 SA-15 Gauntlet (TOR M1/9K331), 550 SA-8 Gecko, 800 SA-9 Gaskin, 300 SA-6B Mod.1 Gainful (ZRK-SD/3M9) – SA-3, SA-2 withdrawn but thousands may still be in storage.
NB: SA-17 Grizzly (BUK M1-2) not carried by CFE as in Russian-service; joint development project with China for HQ-16 variant (naval variant: SA-N-12 Yezh) MANPADS: several thousand SA-16 Gimlet (Ingla-1/9K310), SA-18 Grouse (Ingla 9K38).
Anti-Aircraft Guns: (total: 10-12,000 active).



The Air Force intends to change the structure to accommodate the reduction in size and the changing defence structure.


Fighters/Ground Attack: 410 MiG29, 300 MiG-31, 200 Su-24, 190 Su-25, 440 Su-27/30, 20 Su-34 (70 by 2015) , 606 fighter-attack, 908 fighter-interceptor, 20 AWACS
Bombers: 120 Tu-22, 60 Tu-95, 18 Tu-160
Conversion Training: 8 Tu-22M-3 Backfire-C, 30 Tu-134UBK/UBL
Reconnaissance/EW: 120 Su-24MR Fencer, 42 Mig-25RB/RU Foxbat, 1 An-12, 6 An-30,
AWACS: 26 Beriev A.50/A.50U Mainstay
ECM: 60 Mi-8 Hip (various variants)
Special Mission: 1 Il-76, 4 Il-86 (Comms)
Transport: 100 An-24 Ruslan, 29 An-22 Cock, 4 Il-62, 242 IL-76MD Candid, 135 An-12, 25 An-72, 50 An-32, 81 An-24/26, 4 Tu-154, 14 Tu-134, 1 Yak-40, 2 Aero L410
Trainers: On order: 10 Yakovlev Yak-130 (total 150 ordered),, UNK L-39 

Helicopters: (total: 1,700; down from 6,000+ in 1990)
Attack: 25 Ka-50/52, 3 Mil-28, 800 Mi-24, 23 Ka-28/29
Transport: 50-55 Ka-26 Halo, 7 Ka-60, 175 Mi-8/17, 114 Mi-6, 13 Mi-26, 11 Mi-9, 280 Mi-2



Four Fleet commands: Baltic, Black, Northern and Pacific.


Aircraft Carriers:

1 Admiral Kuznetsov class (67,500-tons) with 26 fixed-wing (Su-33 Flanker-D, Su-25UBK/UTG) and 15-18 helicopter (Ka-27PS Helix-A ASW, Ka-31RDM AEW), with 12xP-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) SSM, 24-cell Kinzhal VLS (SA-N-9 SAM; 192 9M330 Gauntlet missiles), 8 Kortik VIWS (SA-N-11 Grison SAM with 256 missiles+30mm twin), 6x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 2x10-round RPK-4 Liven’ (UDAV-1) ASW MRL; MGK-365 LF sonar.


SSBN: 3 (2 reserve) Typhoon with 20 R-39 (SS-N-20 Sturgeon) SLBM, 6x533mm TT (22 Type 63-65K, SET-65, Type 83RN); Skat-series sonar
5 (1 in reserve) Delta IV with 16 R-29RM (SS-N-23 Skiff) SLBM, 4x533mm TT (12 torpedoes, including Type 83RN (SS-N-15 Starfish), SAET-60M); MGK-500 Skat sonar.
4 Delta-III (Kal’mar/Project 667BDR) (10,660-t.) with 16 R-29DU (SS-N-18 Stingray) SLBM, 4x533mm TT (12 torpedoes, SAET, Type 83RN, 84RN (SS-N-
15 Starfish), 2x402mm OTA-40 TT (4 MG-14 or MG-44 active decoys), MGK-400 Rubikon LF sonar

SSGN: 6 Oscar-II with 24 P-700 Granit (SS-N-19), 4x650mm and 4x533mm TT (24 86R, USET-80, 65-76, Type 83RN, Type 84RN/SS-N-15 Starfish, VA-111 Shkval), 4 MG-15/-44 TT (decoys), MG-540 Skat-3 (Shark Gill) LF sonar, Pelamida towed array

SSN: 3+1 Akula-II with 4 bow 650mm and 4 box 533mm TT (SS-N-21 Sampson SLCM, SS-N-16/SS-N-15 ASW, plus), MRK-50 Albatros’-series (Shark Gill) sonar, towed passive LF system.
8+3 Akula-I with 4 box 650mm and 4 bow 533mm TT (for SS-N-21 Sampson SLCM, SS-N-16/-15 ASW, plus), MGK-540 Skat-3 (Shark Gill) sonar, towed passive LF system.
2 Sierra-II (Kondor/Project 945A) with 6x533mm TT (40 torpedoes, Type 83RN, 84RN/SS-N-15 Starfish, USET-80, VA-111 Shkval), 1 Strela-2M/Ingla-M SR-SAM, 1 MRK-50 Albatros’-series (Shark Gill) sonar, towed passive LF system.
2 Sierra-I (Barrakuda/Project 945) with 2 bow 650mm and 4 bow 533mm TT (40 torpedoes, Type 83N, 84N/SS-N-15 Starfish, USET-80, VA-111 Shkval), MRK-503 Skat-KA (Shark Gill), Paravan towed LF array system.
4 Victor-III with 2 bow 650mm and 4 box 533mm TT (16 torpedoes Type 82RN, 84RN/SS-N-15 Starfish, 53-65K, USET-80, VA-111 Shkval), MG-74 decoys, MGK-503 Skat-KS (Shark Gill) and Barracakuda towed array LF system.

SS: 1 Lada with 6x533mm TT (18 torpedoes, P-10 Biyuza SLCM, Type 91TR1 Klub (SS-N-27) ASW, SET-80, VA-111 Shkval) or mines, prob. MGK-400MF Rubikon (Shark Gill) sonar, towed array LF system – RFN Sevastopol, 3rd of class, began construction 10Nov2006 at Admiralty shipyard, St. Petersburg. Expected to commission 2007; No.2 (Kronshtadt) laid down July 2006, commission early-2008.
9 Improved-Kilo with 6x533mm TT (18 torpedoes, Type 86R/SS-N-16 Stallion plus), 24 mines, 6 Ingla-M SR-SAM, , MGK-400 Rubicon (Shark Gill) LF sonar
16 Kilo with 6x533mm TT (18 Type 86R/SS-N-15 Stallion plus), 24 mines, 6 Ingla-M SR-SAM, MGK-400 Rubikon (Shark Gill) LF sonar.
1 Tango (Project 641B) 6 533mm bow (24 torpedoes, Type 86R/SS-N-16)
2+1 Uniform (Kashalot/Project 1910) SSAN (auxiliary; one non-op)
2 Paltus (Nelhma/Project 1851) – special operations small (730-tons) SS
1 Delta Stretch (PN# BS-129, ex-K129) – re-launched 2000 as Paltus tender.
1 Yankee Stretch (PN# BS-411) (Project 09774 SMPL/AS) – DSRV carrier.
1 Yankee Big Nose (Akson-2/Project 09780) – Skat LF sonar test sub
NB: 7of 24 Kilo Class in reserve)


1 Kirov (Orlan/Project 1144.2) CGN (24,300-t.), 20 P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck), 12x6-cell S-300F/FM Fort SAM (SA-N-6 Grumble; 48 48N6E/48 48N6E2 missiles), 16x8-cell Kinzhul (SA-N-9/128 9M-33 Gopher) SAM, 6 Kortik CIWS (SA-N-11/192 9M-311+2x30mm Gatling), 1 twin 130mm AK130 gun, 8(2x4)x533mm TT (20 torpedoes; Type 86R Vodopod-MK/SS-N-16 Stallion ASW); 2x6round RBU-1000 RL (ASW), 3-7 helicopters (3 normal, Ka-27PL ASW, Ka-27RT targeting), MGK-355 Polinom sonar suite.
3 Slava (Atlant/Project 1164) class CG, 18xP-500 Bazal’t (SS-N-12 Sandbox/4K-80) SSM, 8x8-cell S-300F Fort SAM (SA-N-6 Grumble/64x5V-55 or 3R-41), 2 twin Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4/40x9M-33M5 Gecko), 1 twin 130mm AK-130 gun, 8(2x4) 533mm TT (16 torpedoes), 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 1 Ka-27RT (targeting) or Ka-27PL (ASW), LF hull + Platina MF VDS sonar.
1 Kara (Berkut-B/Project 1134B) with 8xURK-5 Rastub (SS-N-14 Silex/8 Type 83R or 83RUS missiles) ASW/SSM, 2 twin rail M-11 Shtorm SAM (SA-N-3 Goblet /80xV-611 missiles), 2 twin rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/40x9M-33 missiles), 4x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS, 10 (2x5) 533mm TT, 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 1 helicopter (Ka-27PL).


5 Sovremennyy (Sarych/Project 956/956A - 3 ships) with 8xP-270 or P-100 Moskit/-M (SS-N-22 Sunburn/3M-80 or 3M-82) SSM, 2 single-rail ZR-90 Uragan SAM (SA-N-7 Gadfly/48 9M-38 BUK-M1), 2 twin 130mm AK-130 gun, 4x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 4(2x2)x533mm TT, 2x6round RBU-1000 ASW RL, 2 mine rails (40 mines), 1 helicopter (Ka-27PL or RT), MG-335MS Platina-S (Bull Horn) MF sonar.
9 Udaloy with 8xURK-5 Rastrub (SS-N-14 Silex/8xType 83R or 83RUS missiles) ASW/SSM, 8x8 Kinzhal (SA-N-9 Gauntlet/64x9M-330 Tor M1 missiles), 2 single 100mm/70 AK-100 DP guns, 4x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS, 1x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 10 (2x5) 533mm TT, 2 mine rails (40 mines), 2 helicopters (Ka-27PL Helix-A ASW)
1 Kashin (Project 61) class with 2 twin rail Volna SAM (SA-N-1 Goa/32xV-601 missiles), 1 twin 76.2mm AK-726 DP, 1 quintupple 533mm TT, 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 2 mine rails (40 mines), M1K-300 sonar suite w/Titan-2 MF and MG-325 Vega VDS sonars, 1 helicopter (Ka-27PL Helix-A ASW)


2+1 Neustrashimyy (Yastab/Project11540) with 4x8-cell Kinzhal SAM (SA-N-9 Guantlet/32x9M-330 Tor M1 missiles), 2 Kortik CIWS (SA-N-11/64x9M-311+30mm GSH-6-30L Gatling), 6 fixed 533-mm TT (12 RPK-6/SS-N-16, or SET-65 ASW), 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 1 helicopter (Ka-27PL ASW), MGK-365 Zveda M-1 LF and MGK-345 Bronza (Rat Tail) LF towed VDS
3 Gepard (Project 11660) FFL with 8 Kh-35 Uran (SS-N-25 Switchblade) SSM 1 twin rail Osa-M (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33 missiles), 1x76.2mm AK-176 DP, 2x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 4(2x2) 533-mm TT, 1x12 round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 2 mine rails (12-20 mines), Zarnitsa suite, MF hull + MF VDS sonar
3 Krivak (Project 11352) with (as above, except: 2 twin 76mm AK-726 DP guns, MG-335 Platina-C hull LF and MGK-345 Bronza LF towed VDS sonars
2+2 non-op Krivak-I (Burevestnik/Project 1135 or 11353) with (as above, except: MG-332 Titan-2 (Bull Nose) hull MF and MG-325 Vega (Mare Tail) towed VDS.


2 Steregushchiy (Project 20380) with 8xKh-35 Uran SSM, 1x100mm A-190 gun, 2 30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 2 (2x1)x30mm AA, 4 (2x2) ASW TT (Type 83RN, 84R Vodopod-NK, SET-65 or Type 53-65N torpedoes), 1 helicopter (Ka-27PL ASW), Zarya hull LF and Minotaur towed VDS sonar
8 Parchim-II (DDR Project 133.1M) with 1x76mm AK-176DP, 1x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 2x4 round Strela-M (SA-N-8 Gremlin) SAM, 4x533mm ASW TT, 2x12 round RBU-6000 ASW MRL, 2 mine rails, MG-335MC (Bull Horn) MF and Ros’-K HF dipping sonars
22 Girsha-V (Project 1124ME/MU/1124.4) with 1 twin-rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33 missiles), 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 2 Strela-M MANPADS, 4x533mm ASW TT, MGK-335C (Bull Horn) MF and Shelon’ (Elk Tail) dipping sonars
4 Grisha-III (Project 1124M/MP) with 1 twin-rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33 missiles), 1 twin 57mm AK-725 DP, 1x30mm AK630M Gatling CIWS, 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 4x533mm ASW TT, 18 mines, MGK-335M Argun (Bull Nose) MF and Shelon’ (Elk tail) MF dipping sonar.

Patrol Vessels:

Surface Effect Ships: (PGGA): 2 Dergach (Sivuch/Project 1239) with 8 P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) SSM, 1 twin rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33 missiles), 1x76mm AK-176M DP, 2x30mm AK-630 CIWS
PGG: 17 (2 reserve) Nanuchka-III/IV (Project 1234.1/.7*) with 6 P-120 Malakhit (SS-N-9 Siren) SSM, 1 twin rail Osa-M (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33 missiles), 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS; except Nakat (PGG-526) (Type-IV) with 12 (2x6)xP-800 Oniks (Yakhont/SS-N-26 Sapless) SSM
1 Nanuchka-I (Ovod/Project 1234) with 6 P-120 Malakhit (SS-N-9 Siren) SSM,
1 twin rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33), 1 twin 57mm AK-725 DP
PGM: 1+? Skorpion (Project 12300) with 4 P-800 Oniks (SS-N-26) SSM, 1x100mm A-190 gun, 1 Kashtan CIWS (2x30mm GSH-6-30L +32x 9M-311/SA-N-11 Grison) – new low-profile design, plans include 10 Navy and 10 FBG ships.
1 (+) Tarantul IV (Project 12421) with 4xP-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) SSM, 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x4 round Fasta-M (SA-N-8) SAM, 2x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS – new Pozitiv (MR-352) air/surface search radar fitted.
20 Tarantul-III (Molnaya-M/Project 1241.1RZ) with 4 P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) SSM, 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x4 round Fasta-M (SA-N-8) SAM, 2x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS
6 Tarantul-II (Molnaya/Project 1241.1/.2/M) with 4 P-15M Termit (SS-N-2C) SSM, 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x4 round Fasta-M (SA-N-8) SAM (except R-71), 2x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS (R-71: 1 Kortik CIWS (2x30mm GSH-6-30L + SA-N-11)
2 Matka (Vikr’/Project 206MR) semi-hydrofoil (PGH) with 8xKh-35 Uran (SS-N-25 Switchblade) SSM (or 2xP-15 Termit/SS-N-2C), 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 1x30mm AK-630M (or M1-2 variant) Gatling CIWS
PCH: 1 Mukha (Sokol) (Project 11451) with 1x76mm AK-176 DP, 2x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS, 8 (2x4) 224mm TR-224) ASW TT

Patrol Craft: (PC): 3 Svetlyak (Project 1041) with 1x76mm AK-176M DP, 1x30mm AK-630M Gatling CIWS, 16xIngla-M (SA-N-14 or -16) MANPADS, 1 or 2 AGS-17 auto grenade launchers, 2x402mm ASW TT, 2 DC, Uzh HF sonar
1 Pauk-I (Molnaya-2/Project 1241.2), 1 Stenka (Project 205M) PC
1 Tyulen’ (Project 2035) WPC (converted ATA)

Patrol Boats:(WPB): 5 Zhuk (Project 1400/1400M), 1 Poluchat-I (Project 368)
Riverine: 18 Shmel’ (Project 1204)
Mine Warfare: 2 Gorya (Project 1266) MHS, 1 Natya-II (Akvamarin-2/Proj.266.6)
MHS, 15 or 16 Natya-I (Project 266M/266ME) MSF, 38 Sonya (Yakhont/Project 1265/1265.5*) MSC, 9 Lida (Saphir/Project 10750) MSI, 12 Yevgenya (Korund/Project 1258) MSI, 1 Barentsevo More (Proj.1332) MSA, 5 Olyna (Malakhit/Project 1259) MSB, 3 Tanya (Project 1300) MSD (drones)
Amphibious Warfare: Building: New Class (laid down 2006; very large, high-speed, larger than any previous Russian LPD effort)
1 (+1 non-op) Ivan Rogov LPD – cargo: 2,500-tons, 50 tanks or 80 AIFV/APC vehicles; 3 Ropucha-II (Project 775.2) – cargo: 500-tons, 150 troops, 10 AIVF
15 Ropucha-I (Project 775) - cargo: 472-tons, 150 troops, 10 Lt tanks or AIFV
5 Alligator (Tapir/Project 1171) – cargo: 600-tons beach, 30 Lt tanks or AIFV
1 Polnocny-C (Project 773) LSM
3 Pomornik (Zubr/Project 1232.2) large air cushion vehicle (ACV) – cargo: 130-tons, 140 troops or 10 MBT; 1 Aist (Dzheryan/Project 1232.1) ACV, 2 Lebed (Project 1206) ACV, 14 Vydra (Project 106L) LCU, 2 Serna (Project 1177) LCM,
6 Gus (Skat/Project 1205) LCPA (ACV), about 100 Ondatra/T-4 LCM craft.
NB: Rogov: Aleksandr Nikolayev at Vladivostok in poor condition since 1999 but not disposed of.
Intelligence Collection (AGI): 7 Vishnaya (Meridian/Project 864) (Pacific:
SSV-208, -535), 2 Balzam (Aziya/Project 1826) (Pacific: SSV-80), 2 Alpinist (Project 503M), 2 Mod.Yug (Project 082.1/0862.2), 3 Moma (Project 861M) (Pacific: Ekvator)
Missile Range Instrumentation (AGM): 1 Marshal Nedelin (Project 1914.1),
Oceanographic Research (AGOR/AGS): 2 Shibiryakov (Project 873) AGOR,
13 Yug (Project 862) AGOR, 2 Akademik Krylov (Project 852/856) AGOR, 2 Nikolai Zubov (Project 850M) AGOR, 1 Mod. Sorum (Project 1454) AGS, 23 Finik (Project 872; 9 reserve) AGS, 8 Biya (Project 871) AGS, 10 Moma (Project 861) Environmental OPV: 18 Onega (Project 1806/1806.1) (ex-AGS)
Replenishment/Tankers: 5 Boris Chilikin (Project 1559V/1593) (6,950-t.) AOR,
2 Dubna class (4,300-t.) AOR, 4 Altay (Project 160) AOR, 1 Kaliningradneft (3,150-t.) AOR, 6 Uda (2,910-t.) AOR, 2 Olekma (2,300-t.) (AO)

Missile Transport (AEM): 3 Amga (Project 1791), 3 Lama (Project 323B)
Munitions Transport (AE): 1 Finik (Project 872)
Provisions Transport (AK/AF): 2 Neon Antonov (Project 1595) AK, 3 Yuri Partizan (Project 740/2B) AK, 1 Anguema (Project 550) AK, 3-4 Keyla (Project 1849), 1 MP-6 AK, 6 Mayak (Project 502R),
Training Ships (AXT): 2 Smol’nyy (Project 887) with 4x76.2mm AK-726 guns
Submarine Tenders (AS): 3 Malina (Project 2020) ARR
Submarine Rescue Ships (ASR): 1 Kashtan, 1 Elbrus (Osminog/Project 537),
1 Nepa (Project 530), 2 Prut (Project 05275)
Salvage Ships (ARS):1 Khoper (salvage), 3 Sliva, 3 Goryn’ (Project 563S), 4 Pionier Moskvyy (Project 05360; 1 non-op),
Rescue Tugs (ARS): 4 Ingla (Pamir/Project 1452), 4 Okhtenskiy, 2 Roslavl
4 Iva (Polish Project B-99), 2 Katun-II, 9 Katun-I
Cable Layers (ARC): 2 Biriusa (Project 1175), 2 Emba (Project 1172), 5 Klaz’ma (Project 1112/1274)
Icebreakers (AGB): 5 Dobryaya Nititich (Project 097), 1 Ka-32S Helix utility
Buoy Tenders (AGL): 7 Kashtan (Project 141), 9 Sura (Project 145)


Repair Ships (AR): 18 Amur, 7 Oskol (5 non-op) (Project 300/303)
Deperming (ADG): 19 Bereza (SR-28), 21 Pelyna
Torpedo Trials (AGE): 1 Potok (Smen’/Project 1236), 1 Volgograd (Proj. 593)
Hospital Ships (AH): 3 Ob’ (Project B-320/-II)
Nuclear Waste Disposal (AOS): 2 Belyanka (Project 1151), 4 Vala
Miscellaneous (AG): 2 Vytegrales (Project 1998) (SAR), 1+1 non-op Tumba (Project 802) (power generation), 7 Goryn’ ATA, 17 Sorum ATA, 24 Okhtenskiy ATA, 7 Roslavl ATA, 1 Manych (Project 1549) AW, 4 Voda AWT

Federal Border Guard:

Patrol Frigates: 6 (1+ non-op) Krivak-III (Project 11351BPB) with 1 twin rail Osa-M SAM (SA-N-4 Gecko/20x9M-33), 1x100mm AK-100 DP, 2 30mm AK-630M Gatling AA, 2x12-round RBU-6000 ASW RL, 8 (2x4) 533-mm TT (4 SET-65, 4 53-65K), 1 helicopter (Ka-27PS Helix-A)
Corvettes: 2 Grisha-V (Project 1124MU) (Pacific), 6 Grisha-III (Project 1124M/MP) (Pacific), 4 Grisha-II (Project 1124P)
Patrol Ships (WPS): 2+1+8 Sprut (800-tons), 65.9x10.6 meters (8 more planned), 8 Alpinist (Project 503POS), 4 Kommandor (OPV-fisheries), 1 Kaademik Fersman (Project B-93), 2 Yug (Project 862)
6 Ivan Susanin (Project 97P/8) PSKR with 2x76.2mm AK-276 DP, 2x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 1 helicopter (usually Ka-32S utility reconnaissance variant)
21 Sorum (Project 745P) with 4(2x2)x20mm AK-306 Gatling or 2x30mm AK-230
Patrol Vessels: 18 Pauk-I (Molnaya-2/Project 1241.2P) with 1x76.2mm AK-176 DP, 1x4 round Fasta-4M (SA-N-8 Gremlin) SAM, 1x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 4x402mm ASW TT, 2 DC racks, 2 Bogomol (Vikhr’-III/Project 2061) with 1x76.2mm AK-176M DP, 1x30mm AK-306M AA
Patrol Craft (WPC):
9 Muravey (Antareta) (Project 133) WPCH with 1x76.2mm AK-176, 1x30mm AK-630 Gatling CIWS, 2x402mm ASW TT, 1 DC rack, Ros’K HF sonar,
2+1 Merkuriya (Project 14232) WPC with 1x30mm AK-306 Gatling, 1x14.5mm MG, 1xMetia-M MANPADS – new high-speed (50-kts( design.
3 Mirazh (Project 14310) WPC, 28+ Svetlyak (Project 1041) WPC,
1 Zogotitsa (Project 1330) (fisheries protection craft), 19 Stenka (Tarantul/Project 205P), 4+ Chilim (Project 20910) WPBA (ACV)
Patrol Boats: 10 Mangust (Project 12150) – more maybe under-construction;
3+ Teryer (Project 14170) – more maybe under-construction
7 Sobol (Project 12200), 1 Mustang-2 (Project 18623), 2 Mustang, 1 Mustang-99,
Up to 10-12 Ogonek (Project 12120), 5+ Yastreb (Project 1226), 17 Kulik, 23 Zhuk, 30 Saygak, 30 Aist YP, 15 PO-2 YP,
Riverine: 2 Yaz (Slepen’/Project 1208) WPM, 5 Yosh (Moskit/Project 1248.1),
8 Piyavka (Project 1249), 18 Shmel’ (Project 1204)
Amphibious Craft: 3 Aist (Dzheryan/Project 1232.1) ACV, 7 Tsaplya (Murena/Project 1206.1) ACV, 1 Lebed ACV, 1 Vydra (Project 106KM) LCU
Auxiliary: 8 Neon Antonov AK, 1 Baskunchak AO, 2 Okhtenskiy ATA, 3-4 Muna AE, 8 Kanin WYF, 1 Chaika YF (Presidential Yacht), 27 YTL (harbour tugs)
Numerous harbour and small craft.

Customs Service: 2+ Merkuriya (Project 14222) high-speed WPC, 1 Mangust (Project 1215) WPB, 5 Saygak (Project 1408/1408M) WPB)

Russian Naval Aviation (VVS i PVO)

Command: HQ: Moscow


Bomber: 58 Tu-22M3 Backfire-C medium-range
Fighter-attack: Land-based: 94 Su-24K Fencer maritime strike,
Carrier-based: 23 Su-33(Su-27K) Flanker-D, 49 Su-25UTG Frogfoot (also training)
ASW: 34 Tu-142M3,, 35 IL-38, 2 An-72 (MPA)
SAR: 1Be-12
Command & Control: 11 or 12 Tu-142MR (Bear-J) relay aircraft
Transport: 2 An-12, 3 An-26, 1 An-72, 1 Il114, 1 Tu-154
Helicopters: 5 Ka-27, 24 Ka-29, 4 Ka-31, 4 Ka-32, 5 Mi-6, 35 Mi-8, 9 Mi-14, 20Mi-24

Naval Infantry

At least one naval infantry regiment is attached to each of the major Russian fleets. There are 6 Brigades, 2 regiments, 4 separate battalions and 1 separate tank battalion.
A Naval Infantry Regiment consists of 1 Tank Battalion and 3 Naval Infantry Battalions, one motorized.
A Naval Infantry Brigade consists of 2 Tank Battalions and 4 to 5 Naval Infantry Battalions, one motorized. A tank battalion originally had 36 MBTs.
At least one infantry battalion is airborne trained, while all of the remaining infantry battalions are trained to be able to carry out air assault missions.


MBT: 400 T-80
LT: 30 PT-76
IFV: 22 BMP-3, 80 BRDM-2
Artillery: 140 2S19 152mm, 1000 2S3 152mm, 170 2S5 152mm, 30 2S7 203mm,150 D20 152mm, 5 M46 130mm, 401 2A36 152mm, 220 2A65 152mm

APDR at a glance