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The consequences of capricious decision-making

The outrage generated by the Prime Minister’s extraordinarily inept decision to award an Australian knighthood to Prince Philip shows what happens when politicians make decisions based on personal whim rather than as a consequence of thought, analysis and consultation.

A UNITED STATES move to bolster its military presence in the Indo-Pacific region

The eight per cent increase sought from the Congress for Pentagon funding is about nine thousand million dollars more than Australia’s entire annual $29.3 billion defence budget.

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Saab and Damen Team for Walrus Future Submarine Replacement Programme

Swedish defence and security company Saab is teaming with Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group to explore future opportunities in the international submarine market.

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Supacat secures Australian defence contract

Devon-based Supacat has secured a contract to supply high-mobility vehicles to the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), after receiving funding from The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

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New Zealand Considers Replacing Ageing Hercules Fleet With Bigger Boeing C-17s

The New Zealand Defence Force may soon acquire at least two or four C-17s to replace its ageing C-130 Hercules fleet and Boeing 757 transport aircraft.

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Williamstown: Daniel Andrews in push to save shipyard jobs

Williamstown’s shipyard could shed hundreds of jobs by April unless it obtains more work from the Commonwealth, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews warned last week.

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Licking catastrophes

At the time of the 1993 federal election I was shirt-fronted by an ardent South Australian conservationist appalled at bipartisan political support for defence spending when there was, apparently, an enormous feral cat problem attriting the wildlife in the Adelaide hills.

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F-35 program ends year on high note, meets production goal for 2014

Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program has ended the year on a high note, meeting its principal production goal late last month with the delivery of the final F-35 Lightning II for 2014.

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