Surface finishing in South Australia

The first of its kind in Australia, this state-of-the-art finishing solution

8th Oct 2014



A unique new capability has been introduced in Australia, providing chemical processing to an aerospace standard of components in large volumes and large dimensions. The first of its kind in Australia, this state-of-the-art finishing solution is carried out at the newly established South Australia Processing Facility in Wingfield, South Australia.

Supported by the South Australian government, the South Australia Processing Facility was established by Rosebank Engineering Australia to provide metal finishing solutions previously unavailable within Australia. Capable of delivering innovative processing solutions to a broad spectrum of industries, the facility is highly modern and fully-automated, substantially reducing the margin for human error and ensuring consistently high quality and time efficiency in the finishing of aircraft structural components.

The South Australia Processing Facility’s capabilities and infrastructure are compatible with high volume production of both large and small components, with a capacity for components as large as 4.5 metres in length. AS9100C certified, the facility also possesses BAE Systems Plc approval for processing Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) titanium components. According to Graeme Bent, Acting BAE Systems Director Land Integrated Systems, “Rosebank Engineering Australia’s new fully automated treatments facility at Wingfield is helping BAE Systems to deliver an affordable and efficient Vertical Tail Fin advanced machining solution for the Joint Strike Fighter program. Our strong partnership with Rosebank and the quality of its support is contributing significantly to BAE Systems’ aerospace manufacturing activities as well as the growth of Australia’s aerospace manufacturing sector.”

Diverse chemical processes are carried out by the South Australia Processing Facility. These encompass titanium and aluminium pre-penetrant etching, chromate conversion coating, chromic acid anodising, boric acid anodising, stainless steel passivation and titanium pickle and conversion coating. Non-destructive testing is also available, in the form of fluorescent penetrant inspection, as well as comprehensive prime and paint services.

Rosebank Engineering Australia combines extensive manufacturing, MRO and engineering experience to deliver reliable and affordable solutions for the manufacture and support of aircraft mechanical, hydraulic and airframe components. “Being a Greenfield site, the company has taken the opportunity to purchase, install and commission a state-of-the-art processing line with inbuilt water treatment and fume treatment to meet local regulations,” says SAI Global Auditor Leon Himmelfarb, affirming the innovation and quality of Rosebank Engineering Australia. “The local system has been very well developed to meet the technical requirements of the plating processes and the customer specifications.” This dedication to persistent betterment extends to the company’s South Australia Processing Facility, for which a Continuous Improvement Program has been implemented to ensure lean processes that positively impact the price, lead time and quality experienced by its customers.

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