Air Warfare Destroyer Program

Air Warfare Destroyer Build — SEA 4000 Phase 3

2010/2011 spend: $1.146 billion

Prime Contractor: Delivered under an Alliance arrangement between ASC AWD Shipbuilder Pty Ltd, Raytheon Australia Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth represented by the DMO. The Commonwealth also has a platform system design contract with Navantia, SA (Spain), and the Aegis Combat System is being supplied by the US Navy via an FMS agreement.
This phase of the project remains on schedule and budget to deliver HMAS Hobart in December 2014, HMAS Brisbane in March 2016 and HMAS Sydney in June 2017.
Key project milestones achieved include the AWD critical design review, the opening of the new ASC shipyard and the signing of contracts by the AWD Alliance for almost all major equipment and material. AWD Block construction has commenced at the three shipyards, ASC in Adelaide, BAE Systems in Melbourne, and Forgacs in Newcastle.
Major milestones in 2010-2011 include AWD support system detailed design review, delivery of the Aegis Combat System equipment for the first ship and delivery of hull blocks ready for consolidation at the ASC shipyard.
Areas of risk and opportunity for the project in 2010-2011 include improving the block delivery schedule, finalising the design of an efficient and effective support system, and establishing a production workforce in an environment where there is increasing pressure on labour costs associated with an improving economy.


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